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Re: Scared new ballroom teacher seeking suggestion
Posted by dheun
6/17/2008  1:51:00 PM
The scared ballroom teacher is getting a lot of good advice from the posters here. I would disagree a bit at the notion that learning a box step wouldn't help anyone. The kids in summer enrichment programs aren't learning this to be in a show or even advance to another class, though it could spark an interest in many to stay with it. But a basic box step, used in the Fox Trot or Waltz, just to different timing and body movements, would be nice to learn. She could teach a box step, then how to move around the floor in a box step, how to hesitate and turn, etc. I think it would be very helpful, especially since it is adaptable to so many songs, especially the slower ones. But I would venture to guess that it might be a bit boring for young kids, and a jive or cha-cha could spark some interest and fun.
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