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Re: Confused by Rhumba steps on beat 1
Posted by Serendipidy
6/17/2008  5:51:00 PM
cdroge. Nothing stands still. With the slower music being played and danced to, there is more of the hips being used. I have been instructed that a step is only a step. It is the used of the hips between the step which is on the ( and ) which is in-between each solid beat.. I have been told that one of the leading teachers teaches to exaggerate the point, that we try to lift our hip up to under our armpit. Isn`t it a joy to get some Latin dicussion. You might be interested to know that the official tempo for a Rumba is now 27BPM. There is a move on to get it officialy lowered to 25 BPM recomended by the WDC. Although in a demonstration you will have no doubt noticed that it is being danced even slower than that.
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