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Reality of Training to Teach
Posted by wannabe
6/22/2008  4:21:00 AM
I would like to become a ballroom/latin dance teacher in the UK, and in due time, start my own business offering classes and private tuition to adult social dancers.

I am middle-aged, with experience of teaching/coaching adults but not in dance, and a reasonably proficient social dancer with many years experience.

I do have the Professional Syllabus of the IDTA, and can see what is recuired to obtain, say, the Associate qualification in Ballroom or Latin, but don't really have much of an understanding of the practical route that a keen and committed amateur social dancer takes to become a teacher. My existing teachers are nearing retirement, and have said that they couldn't consider taking on a student teacher in theri own business, and I don't have any other established relationship with other teachers.

Could anyone familiar with the UK scene take a minute or two to give me some pointers, or suggestions as to how I might best proceed?
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