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Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by IndySpinner
7/3/2008  10:27:00 PM
Terence, I agree with you. jj is downright belligerent. I didn't take his first post as a humorous one either. Sorry jj, while I dance hustle for the plain fun that it is, I would never bash anyone for taking it more seriously. Fun dance, wonderfully fun retro music, always puts a smile on my face and the lady's. Just all around fun and sometimes goofy. And, wow, I find that so many ladies walk up to me and want to dance with me next. I hope jj isn't lurking in the clubs I dance at, I don't need the negative vibes! Do Hustle in your sleep if you master Mambo, Merengue, Salsa? Sounds like jj knows nothing about hustle. Being skilled at salsa helps. but the syncopated 3 count hustle is difficult for the salsa/mambo dancer adjust to. I dance salsa and mambo in the clubs 3 nights a week. No one has been able to do Hustle in their sleep yet.
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