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Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Someone
7/6/2008  4:16:00 PM
There are several types of hustle. There is the basic, syncopated, freestyle, and made up.
(for women)
Basic:back rock step with right,bring right foot forward, tap right, tap left, and start over.

Syncopated:is hard to explain without showing

Freestyle:is what that leader makes up

Made up:people in clubs who think they know what they are doing

As far as technique, I don't know of any books. However, I go to Arthur Murray and they teach hustle. I say if you want to do hustle, you go and do it. There are many street dancers, that think they know what they are doing but they don't. Just like that "Salsa dancer" on So you think you can dance. She was a street dancer that thought she was doing salsa. So I would take lessons. I think that that is your best bet. Don't let anyone discourage you because it's likely that they are just simply jealous of what you can do. Trust me I know that feeling.

Good Luck!
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