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Waltz and Foxtrot Timing
Posted by 40niknar
7/8/2008  9:26:00 PM
I am confused between the beats and the timing between the Foxtrot and the Waltz....

There are 6 beats to the basic Foxtrot, but yet there are 8 beats to the measure. Is the Foxtrot 4-4 timing?

I don't understand how you can dance 6 beats of the Foxtrot to an 8 beat measure.

We dance Waltz 6 beats to a measure as there are only 6 beats in a measure of Waltz (not 8 as in Foxtrot). What is the timing of Waltz? 3-4? 4-4?

Can someone help explain how the Waltz and the Foxtrot both have 6 beats to a measure?
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