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Re: Waltz and Foxtrot Timing
Posted by 40niknar
7/16/2008  7:13:00 PM
Very well written, jofjonesboro. And very good advice. Thank you. Yes, I should have given more specific info in my original post and will know better next time. This was my first post and not realizing there are so many different categories, I just didn't think of it until I read the responses. I am learning.

You are most correct in that it is helpful/necessary to have a partner to learn and become a better dancer. Actually, I do have an ameateur dance partner, and we are learning together with classes that we attend a couple times weekly. Because of living in a rural area, we have converted the garage into a little ballroom and practice what we have learned. So as you can see, we are very serious and eager to learn.

While I am not a musician and cannot read notes, etc., I do have a good ear for music and am able to very easily find the beginning/ending of each measure, etc. I had just been counting the measures wrong with 12345678 instead of 1234.

There is a USA Dance Chapter in my area, and we have made the effort and attended, however, it seems the attendees are mostly couples, and they are very tight and clickish, mostly dancing with people at their own table. I would like to go to a dance where everyone dances with everyone in order to improve my leading and following ability. Yes, I am learning the lead as well as the follow parts. If I happen to be at a dance without a partner, I want to be able to lead the ladies which are always plentiful. It's just too painful to hear the beautiful music, and just sit and watch other people have fun. Learning the lead also tends to help me follow better.

I live in the Seattle area and to get to the best location for dancing (as far as I know, it's the "Washington Ballroom"), I would have to drive a couple hours from home, catch a ferry, and return home with another couple hours drive late at night. So as you can see, cost can also be a factor.

I am not a bad dancer and my timing is great. I will do more research and see if I can find another chapter location nearby. Maybe another chapter will be different. I'm not giving up yet.

To change the subject, I am getting ready to inquire on this board once again (with a NEW post) about how to dance "the fallaway". An instructor tried to teach it to us (me with a different partner) years ago, but we just never could get it. But I remember how beautiful it was. My partner gave up, so I never had a chance to finish learning the step.

Thank you, JJ, for your encouragement. I need it.
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