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Re: cha cha chasses
Posted by SocialDancer
8/18/2008  4:34:00 AM
The only special thing sequence dancers need is for the music to be arranged as a 4 bar intro followed by a number of complete 16 bar groups.

Yes they will step on beat 1 because that is what they are conditioned to do, just as you are conditioned to "let beat one go by and step on two." What I am saying is that because of the way much of the 'sequence' music is played they are not necessarily wrong stepping on 1, and you would not necessarily be correct when stepping on 2. It comes down to fitting the dance to the music.

I'll try to explain with examples, using a waltz as the initial example because hopefully everyone can agree on this one.

(waltz) Boom Bang Bang, Boom Bang Bang

(ChaCha 1) Boom Bang Tom Tom Tom, Boom Bang Tom Tom Tom

(ChaCha 2) Boom Bang Bang Tom Tom, Boom Bang Bang Tom Tom

As for buying CDs, the average sequence dancer would not use Casa Musica, Prandi or DanceLife. They might use Ross Mitchell or some Gunter Noris or Tony Evans. There is a high probability they will use keyboard artistes such as Bruno Brooks, Denis Heywood, Monty Pearce, David Lobhan or the better Larry Green, David Last or Richard Keeling. I doubt if any of these would be your first choice for latin.
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