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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by Polished
8/19/2008  1:04:00 AM
Anonymous. It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel. When Dancesport was formed there was all these noble ideas that a judge would remove himself from the judging panel if any of their pupils were on the floor. This was a voluntary thing. It only took one person to make another think, if they are going to so can I.
It gets even more ridiculous here where we have three different styles of dancing. Some teachers only teach one of the three styles. So why would they have any interest in the other two or keep up with the latest techniques. But there they are New Vogue teachers judging Latin. No wonder people leave the sport in disgust. Would it be fairer if the judging panel stood aside at the completion of each dance and another panel took their place.. Why not.
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