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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by terence2
8/19/2008  8:50:00 AM
I sympathise with your ( and all seekers ) search.

Of course there are going to be ladies with ulterior motives ( as there are , men ). but.... i would not despair as quickly as you have seem to have done.

I would lay down some ground rules from the git go.

Agreement on... Cost, Location for lessons, practice time and floor fees.

Coaching regularity , and future aspirations .

Until that has been settled, to both satisfactions, then practice time only on a trial basis.

I know of one lady in Atlanta right now ( very talented ) and dedicated ,middle forties (?) attractive, very slim and single.. shes about 5.8 in heels and does both Amer. and Intern. style to about a novice-- prechamp level .
They are out there.. ya just gotta keep on looking .
there is a studio in Marietta which has regular fri, nite dances ( i used to work out of there ) there have been several really good lady prospects for Comp. work ( that was 3yrs back ) worth looking into .
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