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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by jofjonesboro
8/19/2008  9:31:00 AM
Terence, thank you for your thoughtful response.

We did have an original agreement. She always wanted to change it because - as she claimed - she has teenaged children and complained about her budget being stretched thin. It turned out that her "needs" had nothing to do with her family.

Still, your advice is very sound.

Except for her age, the lady that you describe sounds as though she'd be a good match. At which studio does she dance?

I know the studio that you mention in Marietta. I have danced there often in the past and took some classes there for a while some years back. I used to inquire regularly about potential partners but was always told that no one was interested (possibly because I'm not very good looking ).

I haven't despaired. I currently have a partner in Dalton but the distance limits us to two sessions a week (she lives in Chattanooga). Right now, she's having some family problems so it's been spotty but I'm going to try to stick with her. I'd like to work with someone in Atlanta as well because two days a week is just not enough for me (my Dalton partner knows what I'm doing; she works with someone else in Chattanooga too).

Thanks again for your supportive response.

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