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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by Clary
8/19/2008  1:18:00 PM
Judging the judges:
In university courses, professors are subjected to anonymous "student evaluations", the results of which are available for other students to review in evaluating whether they want to take a class with that professor.

I grant you, those "results" are/were often of very, very limited value. Often students will just fill in all 0s or all 5s and give no comments as to why they scored a professor as they did. But sometimes a few comments could be really valuable and insightful.

Perhaps something similar could be implemented for judges at dance competitions. Competitors could "rank" the quality of the judges at a competition. I grant you, impracticalities abound: not all competitors/spectators know who the judges are; not every dancer knows how to read scrutineers sheets to see how they were marked, etc., etc.

But if a particular judge got comments consistently across several competitiosn that s/he (for instance) didn't mark down a couple performing lifts that are prohibited, or (for instance) that a particular judge rarely gives recall out of a quarter-final or semi-final to a couple that consistently places in the upper half of finals . . . well, . . . at least competitors would have those comments/obersvations available to them and could weigh their value themselves. And maybe, just maybe, a judge on the receiving end of comments like that might take notice of the kind of judging reputation s/he is garnering.

Just a roaming thought. Shoot it down, if you like.
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