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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by DivaGinger
8/19/2008  3:52:00 PM
I know this isn't a "pro-ams suck" thread... but really, they're being exploited and wrung out and played for cash cows, and some don't care so long as they get what they paid for- a medal, a vase, their picture in Dancebeat, whatever.

Although, let the record show that I think Ruthie Perkins KICKS MAJOR ASS. Something about that woman is fierce, vibrant, and she lights up the whole room when she's on.

Back on topic... in horse showing, the 'upper level' shows actually disallow clients from competing in front of their own trainers. Not to say it doesn't happen, but I think you can't have taken instruction from any particular judge for three to six months or somesuch. No real way to police that, but the horse show world is as small and incestuously oroborotic as dancesport.
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