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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by anymouse
8/19/2008  8:15:00 PM
"Anonymous Can you find your way to Dancsport UK .
Then Articles and Interveiws
Then to How can a couple lose when the majority of judges marked them to win .."

That article fails to state what the real issue is: under skating except in the case of ties, the result in each of the five dances is determined using all of the judges' marks for that dance alone, and then then the results of the dances are combined to determine the overall winner. The article is based on the premise, which it fails to state, that if you instead treated each judge as a panel of one and determined who they had as the overall five-dance winner, and combined those results from each judge, that this would give a different result.

But this is not relevant to the discussion of bias or corruption, because it was about the precise placement between two couples who were very nearly tied in the collective eyes of the judging pool. That's a very different case than the inability of one maverick judge to substantially distort the majority voice by voting in an extreme manner - they can perhaps swap the tabulated results of closely matched couples, but the algorithm prevents them from moving a weak couple to the front or a top couple to the bottom. Under skating it ordinarily doesn't matter if their vote is one mark away from the majority or 5 marks away from the majority, it still has the same limited effect.

Due to this, the skillfully dishonest judge would cast marks only one place away from the expected opinion of the the others - it would have the same quite limited effect as outrageous marks, and such minor differences of opinion could usually be defended.

"Also in smaller competitions I doubt if the Skating System is used."

I have only ever seen one instance in which it was not used, and it was not used due to the ignorance of the first time organizers. There were many complaints and they never made that mistake again.

"Imagine three judges Three competitors Two of the judges judging their own. What chance has the third couple got."

As I said before, if there are only three judges all bets are off. No serious competition uses so few.
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