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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by Polished
8/25/2008  3:12:00 PM
Anonymous. A competition with only three judges is too small to be taken seriously.
Try telling that to a young lady who has bought a new dress practised hard , been to the hairdesser.paid special attention to her make up. It is as important for that couple as it would be if it was the final at the British. What would you say if I told you that after the event one of the three judges ,who she didn`t know from a bar of soap, came over and said I don`t know how you didn`t win that event. I marked you first.The other two both went out of time. You he added were in time and together . The other two weren`t. If you think this is an isolated case I don`t know were you have been hiding. No judge should judge their own pupils. If it were found that they did they should be banned from judging. Do you agree.
If you don`t you must be as dishonest as they are.
I would suggest that you now look at the thread below " Unfair Judging "
Which seems to have suddenly disapeared for some reason.
I just looked at your coments earlier.
8.19.08 You made it very clear that you are in favour of judges judging their own pupils .
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