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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by anymouse
8/25/2008  3:30:00 PM
"Anonymous. A competition with only three judges is too small to be taken seriously.
Try telling that to a young lady who has bought a new dress practised hard , been to the hairdesser.paid special attention to her make up."

Such an event can be a great way for a partnership to rehearse and put their best effort forward. But it should not be though of as a "real" competition. An event which violates usual rules and procedures that seriously, such as by having only three judges, is quite likely to have other procedural violations as well.

Think of it as a fun opportunity to dance. But don't fool yourself into thinking that it necessarily means anything.

"What would you say if I told you that after the event one of the three judges ,who she didn`t know from a bar of soap, came over and said I don`t know how you didn`t win that event. I marked you first.The other two both went out of time."

Dancing involves many factors, and timing is only one of them, not the whole story. Often times in low level events, a couple who is rhythmically on time is doing some ugly things in their dancing to get there, while one that is off time may be dancing much more naturally and gracefully, because they are not making those compromises. You see this quite often in the foxtrot - most beginners simply don't have the strength to dance in time without distorting their posture and making their movement "bumpy" and overtly rhythmic rather than smoothly flowing as a stronger and more experienced couple would.

In that circumstance, being on time has a dance quality cost that will lower your marks from some judges, while being off time is a fault that will get you low marks from others. This diversity of priorities is part of why we have large panels, and why the skating system prioritizes getting decent marks from a majority of the judges instead of getting excellent marks from a minority of them.

"No judge should judge their own pupils. If it were found that they did they should be banned from judging. Do you agree."

I absolutely do not agree. If you think that someone should be banned for doing what is universal and rarely problematic practice, then you are living in your own private little world of unreality. The rest of us spend our time dancing in the real world, and improving our skills to earn marks from all of the honest judges.

If you want something to worry about, try the real problems that do plague smaller events unable to hire enough top-notch judges to always have a fully expert and attentive panel: fatigue, incompetence and intoxication...
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