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Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by annew
4/5/2009  5:33:00 PM
Re: Christchurch script library. Having now checked this service out - there are one or two things worth pointing out to potential subscribers -things that are not obvious BEFORE you subscribe - so buyers beware !

Scripts are not available for ALL of the dances listed in the glossary on the public website. In fact the scripts that ARE actually available represent a rather small proportion of those listed (20 - 30%). The scripts that are available are generally the newer ones (so if you are trying to get hold of a fairly old script the service will be of little use to you).

Given the number of scripts actually available in their library, it is obvious that their claim to being "the worlds largest script library" is wholly false - BL offer access to a larger number of scripts.

It is also apparent that Christchurch rewrite scripts using their own format and their own template. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this in and of itself, there is clearly potential for incurring errors during the re-writing. Indeed, on looking through a sampe of the scripts, I found quite a number of errors and descriptions that made no sense (it is possible that those errors were carried over from the original script, but I doubt it). I also suspect that in some cases they have scripted the dance themselves rather than referring to the originals.

If you need fairly old ie pre 1980 scripts, there seems to be little option other than to subscribe to Brockbank - Lane. And if their service ceases, it seems there wil be no way of accessing these old scripts at all -all to be lost in the annals of time it would seem.
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