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Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by Telemark
8/27/2008  8:19:00 AM
Given the number of scripts actually available in their library, it is obvious that their claim to being "the worlds largest script library" is wholly false - BL offer access to a larger number of scripts.

I see no such claim: their claim is:

We also have the most comprehensive on-line dancescript library in the world!

I don't know of a larger one - certainly Brockbank Lane have exactly NOTHING online, and they will only supply older scripts, by post, to subscribers to their current script service (£39pa + the cost of any older scripts, as ordered). You can't order and pay online, either, because they do not accept any form of online payment, which a particular nuisance if you are a non-UK customer.

As far as I know, B-L doesn't even have a website. Seemingly, the proprietor is retiring, and the business is for sale. Their marketing methods certainly need a rethink, if the business is to have a future in new hands.
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