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Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by annew
8/27/2008  12:16:00 PM
ok. i missed the word "on-line" - in that case their claim is substantiated.

however, i stand by my other criticisms.

with regards B-L. i guess the methods used by B-L have served them well, and not surprisingly, because their clientelle are of an age that generally are not very IT-savvy. you must also remember that the vast majority of sequence dancers are only interested in getting express deivery scripts of the latest new dances as when they are released and so the B-L service is directed at that.

i agree however that BL's policy re the supply of old scripts seems a bit remiss. on the other hand they probably took the (not unreasonable) view that they had the monopoly.

The other plus of B-L is the supply of lady's steps (B-L write these as they are not supplied on the original scripts from the associations), another facility that may soon cease - having said that, i guess that anyone could publish scripts of lady's steps, and indeed sell them, without infringing any copyright laws, after all, how can you possibly copyright something that doesn't exist in the first place ??

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