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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by Polished
8/27/2008  3:26:00 PM
Anonymous. Originally the discusion was about Latin and Cha Cha in particular. If you remember It was three judges with three couples on the floor. Two of the judges each had a pupil dancing. Those two couples danced out of time and were not dancing together.One of the judges, a complete stranger afterwards made a point of finding the couple who came last and telling them that he didn`t know how they didn`t win, and that he had marked them first. He also said the other two couples both danced out of time.
Tragiclly this is not an isolated case.And what is even more tragic it will continue unless something is done about it.
I told the young lady. If you are not going to become part of one of the studios and wish to compete for the fun of it. Why not enter into events that you know you cannot win. For example if you are in the over 50`s then dance in the under 50`s in as high a grade that is allowed. If you are over 35 then dance as an adult which is under 35 instead of the Senior events.. And if you are under 35 which makes you the Adult level then enter way above your grade.You must study the system and use it to your best advantage.
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