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Re: Judging own pupils
Posted by anymouse
8/28/2008  3:04:00 PM
"There were nine judges there."

Then they should have used them.

Of course nine is not enough to have full panels on duty and give reasonable breaks.

If you want to run a real competition with respected results that is going to last more than a few hours, you need to hire two panel's worth of respected judges.

"It would have been a simple proceeder to ensure that none judged their own pupils."

This would make scheduling very difficult as you'd need to change judges quite often as you move from event to event.

"Terence or lluv2dance would be able to tell you that they have been in many competitions where their were only two judges"

Which would not be sanctioned competitions, as the sanctioning organizations have rules about panel sizes. You get what you pay for.
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