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Posted by terence2
8/31/2008  12:48:00 AM
Would it be poss. ( i know its a task ), for these things to be included on site...

1.... The ability to correct spelling mistakes with a more concise method than currently in use .

2.... A PM access for each poster .

3... The ability to " highlite " and transpose passages from posts to one about to be made .
Re: Admin.
Posted by jofjonesboro
8/31/2008  5:52:00 AM
You can cut (highlight and copy) from a posted message. You just can't do so while in edit mode.

I personally wish that the delete function worked.

Composing an elaborate message is best done with another tool such as WordPad. It can then be cut and pasted into the edit window.

MS Word can be used if one needs a spelling-check feature - and some folks on this site definitely need one.

I agree that private messaging would be nice but it would also be burdensome to maintain.

Re: Admin.
Posted by anymouse
8/31/2008  7:59:00 AM
If you use a current version of firefox as your web browser, there is spell check functionality provided by the browser.

Re: Admin.
Posted by Polished
8/31/2008  4:18:00 PM
Administrator. Leave it exactly as it is less it becomes too complicated.
As for spellimg , most would have a dictionary on their computer. Even a word misspelled is no big deal, as long as we know what that word is.
When Elizer Doolittle sang Wouldn't it be Luverly. Didn't we all know what she meant.
Re: Admin.
Posted by Telemark
8/31/2008  11:34:00 PM
That would be Eliza. Duh!
Re: Admin.
Posted by Administrator
9/2/2008  12:08:00 PM
I'd love to do all kinds of things to improve the user experience on this message board. Unfortunately, some of this stuff is just frankly out of my league as a JavaScript programmer. What you see here was the best I was able to do at the time I created it. I did, however, find a nice little add-in component that seems to have most of the features one might want. You can try it out here:


I've been meaning to do this upgrade for over a year now, but I have more urgent projects in the works. I'll get to it soon enough.

Not sure what you mean by "PM access". If PM stands for private message, that's also in the plan, as you can see by clicking on the "My Messages" tab in your user panel. The job is actually about 3/4 done already. I set up the database to handle all types of messages, but I just haven't programmed the code that allows you to post private user-to-user messages yet.

By itself, the user-to-user messaging tool should only take me an hour or two to write. It is, in fact, only a matter of modifying the current tool to add the feature. The real work is in writing the admin tools to help me moderate the incoming messages. I have a tool in place now, but it's written to allow me to read every message as it comes in. I don't want to be able to see peoples' private messages as they come in, so I have to build a much more clever tool to check for spam, harassment, etc, before I can allow private messaging. And this is the part of the project that will be the big time consumer.

Anyway, I haven't fallen asleep on the message board. I want to ultimately make it the driving force behind the entire website, so it's always on my mind. When I'm finished with the premium membership project, I'll get back to the message board asap.

Jonathan Atkinson
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