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Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/5/2008  4:11:00 AM
You are thinking purely in a MUSICAL sense .

The reason is this... many of the variations in merengue, can be readily transposed to 4 count, and even some latin hustle .

Most dances " borrow " from each other . The Rhythm dances are notorious for this... altho, some of the ballroom dances are equally adept at doing same .

The " purity " of virtually ALL dances , has long disappeared ( Locksteps in T/Arg )

V.W. and Sq. Rumba are possibly the only ones to have retained more of their intial concepts, by and large .( but...the Amer. style VW has been embellished beyond belief )
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/5/2008  6:42:00 AM
Terence. I've only scratched the surface of this. We only have two legs and maybe four beats of music. There is a limit to what can be done with two legs and four beats. What I see in the Hustle are Jive steps without the Chasse. Am I right in saying that the Merangue came long before those other dances were even thought of.
I was told that in the Merengue the dragging of the foot was because ( i'm sure they said Hattie which was Spanish ) a century and a half ago a General who had been a bit of a dancer in his day had his leg severly injured. And out of respect for this old General they formed a dance which it appears has a injured right leg and is dragged into position.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/5/2008  9:14:00 AM
You are correct.. IF its 3 count or street.
The 4 count is more benign and borrows heavily from Merg..

latin hustle is an adaption of WC Swing to some degree .

As to the origins of merg. it is from the Carrib,.. the Dominicans seem to lay a greater claim than do the Haitians. The " leg " story I think ,is apocryphal .
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/5/2008  1:49:00 PM
Terence I wonder. Can you think of any other dance where the foot if, it is done in an authentic manner. Is dragged into position. There has to be a reason or a meaning don't you think.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by jofjonesboro
9/5/2008  2:17:00 PM
That's easy. The Standard Waltz.

Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/5/2008  2:37:00 PM
On every second step. Ball Flat. A dance with long and short stiff legged steps. Their has to be a reason why this is so..
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/5/2008  11:06:00 PM
Yes.. T/Arg, on numerous entries. And the Amer style basic

As to Hustle, there should not be any foot drag , skim ,maybe .
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/6/2008  5:36:00 AM
Terence. I know very little about the Mambo or the Salsa. Looking at the Mambo on Learn the Dances. It seems to be the same that I see danced as a Salsa. Also I see World Salsa Championships. But I don't see World Mambo Championships. Is it being outmoded and replaced.
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by terence2
9/6/2008  7:59:00 AM
There is a huge philosophical divide between mambo ( the forerunner ) and Salsa .

There are those who adamantly believe that they are 2 different dances .

There is an old Cuban saying " All salsa is Mambo.. but.. not ALL Mambo is Salsa " . That makes reference more towards the music, than the dance styles .

There is a World Champ. event in mambo held every yr in Miami.

Salsa has several contenders, primarily because it has no parent body. subsequently, there are at least 3 claimants to the title at any given moment .

There is a gradual return to the more traditional style of the genre ( I have 2 seperate teachers coming to me next week for training in mambo )
Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/6/2008  3:41:00 PM
Terence. World wide which would you say is the more popular, or the most danced.

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