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Re: Hustle Technique
Posted by Polished
9/5/2008  6:42:00 AM
Terence. I`ve only scratched the surface of this. We only have two legs and maybe four beats of music. There is a limit to what can be done with two legs and four beats. What I see in the Hustle are Jive steps without the Chasse. Am I right in saying that the Merangue came long before those other dances were even thought of.
I was told that in the Merengue the dragging of the foot was because ( i`m sure they said Hattie which was Spanish ) a century and a half ago a General who had been a bit of a dancer in his day had his leg severly injured. And out of respect for this old General they formed a dance which it appears has a injured right leg and is dragged into position.
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