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Re: Learn the basics first
Posted by Telemark
9/12/2008  1:22:00 PM
This is good advice. Your teacher will introduce these important technique concepts when you are ready to benefit from their application. Be aware of CBMP, by all means, but don't worry about it. CBM, particularly, will naturally develop as you attain the ability to move freely, and you learn to let your body movement determine where you are going, rather than be moved by your feet (it might sound unlikely to an inexperienced dancer, but one of the key reasons we move our feet at all while we dance, is simply that we would fall over if we didn't).

One of the easiest figures in which to see CBMP at work is a chasse from promenade position following a whisk (waltz). Both man and lady are facing each other, and yet both step forward (and across) in CBMP, but don't collide. This is CBMP (and, of course, promenade position) at work. There are lots of basic dance movements/actions which have to be learned; but once you have started to develop as a dancer, you come to realise that you have quietly assimilated them without effort, or even being aware of what is happening.

Find a good teacher. Be guided by their experience and your constant practice.
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