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Re: Abbreviation query
Posted by anymouse
9/12/2008  11:04:00 AM
"Let's just disagree. The established technique is what it is, and I continue to think that your simplified description misses an important element (that, without doubt, an examiner would expect to be correctly explained)."

The target audience was not examiners, but dance students.

If you are writing a textbook you need to understand exactly when to use one term vs. another.

But if you are reading a book as a beginner in the subject, you first need a clear understanding of what to do when you read each term (that some expert has already decided applies to the step you are reading about).

CBMP tells you where to put your foot, across your body towards the other side.

Seeing that it says CBMP cannot tell you anything about about the presence or absence of body rotation, because that is a fully independent factor. You can have CBMP with rotation or CBMP without rotating, so bringing rotation into an attempt to explain CBMP causes confusion, not clarity.
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