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Re: BlahBlahBlah BlahBlah
Posted by dheun
9/14/2008  1:35:00 PM
jj, you are a humorous fellow, I'll give you that. Look at the original poster's question, and I would bet my house that the learning center's diagonal directions info would have answered her question sufficiently, along with explaining that it meant Contra Body Movement Position (which of course would mean nothing to her if she didn't know what Contra Body Movement was). If that's crazy, then I guess I just joined in with everyone else who made it more complicated than it needed to be. But yes, I would agree that, throughout the bevy of answers, solid information was offered. You still have a penchant for not letting the original poster read responses and decide for themselves what sinks in and what doesn't. But I'm OK with that. You're really not a bad cop in that regard -- and you know your stuff, which is of vital importance and helpful to others, and you've improved my knowledge and dancing often.

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