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Re: English 101 for dancers
Posted by pasodoble
9/15/2008  8:54:00 PM
I would suggest that if you have access to the Congress Tapes from Blackpool this year. Your queries on CBMP are all answered .
On this site if you go to Learning Centre and find Direction Movement then click on CBMP
You will notice that the Foot is taken across the body. It is as straight as is possible to be.
It follows the straight line on the chart which is as straight as an arrow. That is CBMP
The writting going on between the two people is achieving nothing. A simple example of CBMP is after a Progressive Chasse in the Quickstep where a quarter turn to the left has been completed. The man`s left shoulder is in position diag to wall.
The first step of the Lockstep is taken across the body in CBMP
That positin is held for the next three steps
If this is followed by a Natural Spin Turn the line will be maintained
The way i was taught on a Basic Quickstep was. A quarter of a Turn to the right followed by a quarter turn to the left on the Progessive Chasse.
Hold that line for the Lockstep which should be diag to wall as will be your next natural movement in CBMP.
A simple check that anyone can do is are you still together with your partner
Or have your bodies seperated creating a ugly line with two sets of hips exposed.
Step four of a Weave in the Waltz from an Open Impetus is another to watch.
You can include step three of a Open Reverse Turn as well.
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