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re: Do ladies foot rise and fall in the smooth dances?
Posted by Matyas
8/14/1999  12:39:00 AM
Hi, I do International standard so keep that in mind while you read my answer.

Yes, the lady does foot rise. However there are moves when the footwork is different for the partners and it may happen that you have foot rise while she has not. In heel turns (in IS) she has to keep her heels on the floor until the turn is completed so as I know there is a moment when you already do foo rise but she does only body rise yet.

Also the high heels allow less range in motion from the ankles for rising for the ladies. The result is that the man does bigger rise and fall.

Finally, rise and fall is used with waltz mainly. The action in other smooth dances is different, for example the slowfox uses passing feet, the VW and Quickstep are much faster and in the latter the rising happens at the end of the first Slow in a quarter turn while in waltz rising at the end of the first step would be too early on a naturel turn (or anywhere as a matter of fact).


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