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re: Are Competition & Social Dance the Only Choices?
Posted by Matyas
8/17/1999  12:29:00 AM
About whether we need 'prizes' for the benefits:

It seems to me that the answer is yes. At least presently. However I think dancing is not alone with this phenomenon. I did athletics for 4 years and the competition was required to be a member in the club. Of course it was not a written rule, but the athletics division was rated among the others (volleyball, basketball, martial arts etc.) according to how many qualified competitors we could present. I hated competitions then but liked doing athletics. I was stressed out before the races - but actually during them it was ok - but I am happy that I did it, because I did not have problem with the competitive environment in high school (I did math competitions very successfully), or today in dancing or in everyday life.

Take those city marathons or 10K races. They are competitions and prizes are given but the majority goes because it is fun, challange and healthy activity etc.

So I think it can be done the same way in dancing, as a matter of fact I think many dancers do it this way being aware that they will not be champions but still will get a skill which will put them well above the average population regarding dancing.

I have only one concern namely that on a dance competition couples are eliminated in the rounds while on a marathon they do not. So for this reason I support that on large events the organizers should schedule a re-dance(?) so everyone has a chance to dance at least twice, and also that they do a B final for the 7-12 placed couples from the semi-final.

It was mentioned that more other opportunities, like demonstrations should be avialable to dancers. I like the idea! But I heard dancers who said that they would feel embarassed on a demonstration and not on a competition. On the latter they are not alone on the floor and they do not feel stressed if they are not dancing well, while on a demo environment they feel that much more is at stake. Therefore demonstration might be good for only those who are quite accomplished dancers.


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