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Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by bridetryingtodance
10/14/2008  1:51:00 PM
Hello all - I wonder if you can help. I'm trying to find what dance would be best to try to do for our 'first dance' at our wedding next year to Built to Last by Melee... we really like the song but not sure what we could do to it - would it be a waltz?

Thanks for any help!
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by word_weaver
10/17/2008  6:21:00 AM
"Open Arms" by Journey is good.

Also, I'm directing a play (based on the Princess and the Pea fairy tale) and we need a good contemporary waltz song. I'm going to look through the ones posted here, but if anyone knows a waltz song for a ball scene that is not really romantic (the Prince is being forced to dance with a bunch of fluffy-headed princesses and an unpleasant, scheming one; the princess he will marry comes in near the end of the scene but doesn't dance) I would really appreciate it.
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by sheluvs2tango
7/17/2009  7:55:00 PM
Awesome call ... Misery is an amazing waltz.
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by simbachippy
7/19/2009  4:15:00 AM
my absolute fav. is Nocturne aswell, or theres another one...

how can i not love you-joy enriques
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by westcoastswinglove
10/6/2009  9:46:00 AM
Sweet Afton by Nickel Creek is a good SLOW waltz...

Something a little faster is Lentil by SIA...

Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by dsoullier
1/19/2010  11:47:00 PM
Let's see..Aerosmith (Don't want to miss a thing)...Journey (Open Arms)...Debbie Boone (You Light up my life)...Billy Vera (At this moment)...Nora Jones (Come Away With Me)...Queen (most of "Bohemien Rhapsody")...Elvis Presley (Are You Lonesome Tonight)...
there, that's a start
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Denise
9/17/2010  10:19:00 PM
This is several years after the original question, but I am in a dance showcase in Nov and have been looking for contemporary waltz music and found something I wanted to add here:
Queen - One Year of Love.
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by jjoseph302
2/11/2016  10:51:00 AM
Hello Denise!!

This song is awesome for waltz... Thank you very much for sharing.

Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Tony
5/7/2013  5:45:00 PM
Very beautiful waltz song
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by O.Z.
5/8/2013  7:04:00 AM
Moonriver. For the true feeling of a Modern Waltz.

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