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Re: lins dance
Posted by DivaGinger
10/21/2008  11:30:00 PM
I've learned how to use line-dance in practicing ballroom stuff solo.

Think up 32 counts (arthur murrayans, this shouldn't be hard- unless they still don't allow you to think on your own- that's an extra $5,000 per term some places) of something, put it into a pattern, do a quarter-turn somehow at the end. If you have a "memorized pattern" in your head, that's one less thing you have to worry about- muscle memory takes over from there, and frees up some RAM and clears your cache so you can process other things, like technique and count, etc.

Crazy, I know, but I've been on a Starbucks and Mello Yello diet since about eight today, then had a rough practice scrimmage with our two 'kids' and I'm really close to Women's Curse Time, and the whole damned planet's falling down on my brand new totally awesome fabulous shiny red head I just got dyed and straightened yesterday (it's Melanie LaPatin of about 1996 red now, from brownie strawberry blonde). To top it off? My favorite junk food place was closed when we came back through town. I had to eat farty casino boat food and a Twix. Gah.
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