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Re: Oh, No!-Not A Ocho! Anyone help Please!
Posted by scottyboysdoll
10/23/2008  6:35:00 AM
Thanks You, I just kind of wanted to know what others thought- I do not like it when things involve a preference. I like cut& dry, right way & wrong way. I know this takes a lot out of "artistic"interuptation, but when you are learning, a right & wrong way just helps! Thanks,ScottyBoyDoll
Re: Oh, No!-Not A Ocho! Anyone help Please!
Posted by Belleofyourball
10/24/2008  11:13:00 PM
As not an expert...I add my humble opinion. By the way congrats on shoes. I love shoes they make me so happy!!

The foot drag will give it a much more Argentine feel which I don't think is preferrable if you are going to take it into competition.

Using the basic technique that gives Tango its flavor, your legs above the knees move as little as possible, below the knees open and then close again. All the action, as I was taught happens below the knees in the Tango, which allows it to be sharp yet still progress along the floor.

That's just a thought. Hopeit helps :~}

Re: Oh, No!-Not A Ocho! Anyone help Please!
Posted by scottyboysdoll
10/25/2008  9:55:00 PM
Thanks so much! No Comp. with our Tango. Just wanted to know what others thought. I'm going to try keeping it from the knees down, too! I was just taught social tango dance so pretty much anything goes! As long was I don't end up with my behind on the floor!! LOL Thanks, again!
Re: Oh, No!-Not A Ocho! Anyone help Please!
Posted by DivaGinger
10/26/2008  12:03:00 AM
The "everything happens below the knees" in tango conflicts- at least typographically- with what we've been taught, so now I'm curious for more perspectives.

We were taught to move from the hip still, like in all standard dances, BUT instead of placing the foot and rolling onto it, to snap onto it- or at least, the lead would put the lady's weight more quickly onto that foot than foxtrot, giving it the stealthy, expedient motion. The 'rubber band around the thighs" analogy also came into action, so that it LOOKED like the action was below the knees, but really, the whole leg was used still, just differently in application?

Re: Oh, No!-Not A Ocho! Anyone help Please!
Posted by terence2
10/26/2008  12:25:00 AM
The foot , leg and body action in T/Argentino, can, and does, vary greatly, dependant on what the sequences are.
The weight distribution may vary considerably when dancing specific figures. Also, the body action
and foot placement, will be different in a " driving " as opposed to a " walking " action .

The other major difference that this style of tango offers , is its requirement to occasionally use the arms quite specifically to lead and a " no " contact prom. is commonplace .

Unlike the B/Room style, there are many who oppose any format and it even " splits " farther in the style one chooses within the genre( Milonga, Salon, Nuevo etc . )
Re: Oh, No!-Not A Ocho! Anyone help Please!
Posted by scottyboysdoll
10/26/2008  8:44:00 AM
I am new to this Arg. Tango, a couple of things you said , I do not understand or confused on.
What is meant by driving action- I know what you mean by "walking action".
No contact Promenade?
I know the Bronze American, and I know about 3 steps in the Argentine. So, i am really just getting started, at learning! Thanks,ScottyBoysDoll
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