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Re: Bronze Waltz
Posted by Telemark
10/31/2008  12:42:00 AM
I think a Natural Spin Turn an excellent figure to start a waltz sequence. Do you pivot properly on the first step of the spin, holding the RF in CBMP, ready to extend forward down LOD on the second step? A rather restricted rocking action is very widely danced by relatively inexperienced dancers, sometimes for years, without correction, and it greatly impedes the flow of the figure.

Lady's second step is LF back & slightly leftwards, and it is a key movement to make space for the extension of the Man's second step RF fwd, HT. That heel lead is very important.

Be careful with the idea of overturning the Spin. It is only at corners (and if you want, deliberately, for the sake of certain amalgamations) that we restrict the turn to 5/8. Along the side of the room, the spin will properly make 7/8, and the more we dance the standard turn, the less it will feel any effort.
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