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I see that you're in one of your 'moods' again.
Posted by jofjonesboro
10/31/2008  6:18:00 AM
Trying to take issue with good basic advice does not make you appear to be more knowledgeable. In fact, the details of your response to Terence make me wonder if you might not be well.

I would not recommend doing a double reverse spin unless you can do it very well. By the time someone can do it well, they do not usually fit into the community of bronze dancers.

This statement is utter nonsense on its face. The DRS is a standard part of the bronze repertoire and no one competes in bronze without it.

Also, a couple's competition level is pretty much always going to be lower than their current level of study.

Think of it like foxtrot: in theory bronze (internationl) foxtrot exists, but in practice it is almost never offered in sanctioned competition.

Really? Every competition which I've attended - all of them sanctioned - has offered bronze Fox Trot in all age and experience categories.

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