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Re: Bronze Waltz
Posted by SocialDancer
10/31/2008  12:27:00 PM
"The DRS is tricky for a beginner to master,"

Which is why at least one major society puts it in the Silver syllabus, so it may not be appropriate for emsanchez yet.

This is all assuming emsanchez is competing. I don't think that was stated explicitly but most people here assume that if you have a bronze level routine it must be for competition. This has a bearing on advice given as everything said so far is valid if the dancers are on the floor before the music starts and hoping to make a good impression right from the start.

Socially however things may be different. When joining dancers already on the floor I always recommend starting with a reverse figure which mean the leader has a good view of the floor and any approaching couples. I hate it when a couple walks onto the floor and the man stands with his back to me counting the music, listening for the correct time to start.
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