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Re: Bronze Waltz
Posted by anymouse
10/31/2008  3:23:00 PM
"Your F/trot remark needs clarification.. as is often the case, mis in formation abounds."

Read the rules for sanctioning organizations, and you will discover that many of them recommend only waltz and either quickstep or tango for the bronze division competitions. Does bronze foxtrot exist? Yes - they don't prohibit organizers from offering it so some do, and other organizations may have other guidelines. But it's not as commonly offered as bronze waltz is.

"If you were refering to Children and Novice dancers, that could possibly be true."

Novice, yes, bronze competitive events are a subcategory of the traditional umbrella of "novice" - ie, "novice bronze, novice silver, open novice, etc"

"As to advanced levels , even pro,s are using at as an entry for a Drop Ronde for e.g. ( a la Hilton )"

I did not say that the DRS was not used at advanced levels; rather I said that the back half of the natural turn is rarely used there. The closed changes are also quite rare. They occur, yes, but there's a general preference not to end with the feet closed, especially when the man is moving forwards.

And the reason for that is that nobody, even world champs, can dance that lower and drive forward from foot closure action with the kind of fullness that they achieve elsewhere in their dancing. It's the first thing learned, but never mastered - by anyone.
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