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Re: Help on hardwood Dance Floor
Posted by anymouse
10/31/2008  11:30:00 PM
"Telemark. Something has to be put over the bare timber surface. If you were to put Wax Polish onto bare timber you would never in the future be able to coat it with a varnish of any kind. Be very carefull. Leave it to the experts."

As terence has pointed out, true dance floors maintained for that purpose will never have varnish, so the inability of applying it in the future is of no concern whatsoever.

Many more commercial studios will use a varnish/polyurethance/etc finish, either out of traditional ignorance in the dance industry (which is not the same as the tradition of dance expertise), or for aesthetic reasons. If the finish is well chosen and has had a few months for the volatiles to evaporate it's not the end of the world.

Also if you have latin dancers who are going to oil there shoes, then a finish might make sense. But really better to prohibit this.
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