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Re: I see that you're in one of your 'moods' again
Posted by anymouse
10/31/2008  11:39:00 PM
"This statement is utter nonsense on its face. The DRS is a standard part of the bronze repertoire and no one competes in bronze without it."

Well, you are simply wrong. Many people compete bronze without the DRS.

One of the first things the dancer has to learn is that there's a big difference between what is allowed and what is ADVISABLE. The new dancer rushes out to do all the "hard" figures - but it's not until they learn to concentrate on doing a few things well that they actually begin to advance.

"Also, a couple's competition level is pretty much always going to be lower than their current level of study."


One should be working on the DRS as well as heel turns in general and the drive from the standing heel that makes the prerequiste stable backwards walk possible. But by the time someone can execute the DRS at competition quality, chances are they do not fit into the community of bronze dancers any more. They might still be elgible to enter, but realistically they will be out of place competing against the others there.

"Really? Every competition which I've attended"

Well then you have not been attending the more rigorous amateur syllabus events, because most of those do not traditionally offer it. Perhaps you could list where you have seen bronze international foxtrot offered?
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