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At USA Dance Qualifying events around the SE.
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/1/2008  12:02:00 AM
The same syllabus is danced at Nationals.

I see that we're in the midst of witnessing another fulsome display of your arrogance.

But by the time someone can execute the DRS at competition quality, chances are they do not fit into the community of bronze dancers any more

Where on earth do you get this garbage? From the voices in your head?

Most bronze students who work on it consistently will be able to perform a DRS in the Waltz competently within sixth months, and basic competence is the essential expectation of bronze-level dancing.

Most amateur competitions asked students who have danced for more than two years to enter Silver or above. It does not take anywhere near even one year to develop a presentable DRS.

It's probably a year for a good telemark.


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