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Re: At USA Dance Qualifying events around the SE.
Posted by anymouse
11/1/2008  12:45:00 AM
"The same syllabus is danced at Nationals."

Bronze international foxtrot is on the official syllabus, yes, but the dance is not offered at USA dance nationals or most of the more serious competitions in that system. See the results page at:


Where you will see that the bronze standard offering is a two dance Waltz-Quickstep event only. If you pull the relevant rulebook as I previously suggested you will see that it is not recommended to offer the the international foxtrot at bronze, though it is not prohibited for a competition to do so.

"Most amateur competitions asked students who have danced for more than two years to enter Silver or above. It does not take anywhere near even one year to develop a presentable DRS."

You said "presentable" while I said "advantageous". You may feel the execution is less than embarrassing; I would probably disagree, but more important would point out that winning is based on doing what you can do best. There is no checklist of compulsory material to be completed.
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