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Re: Bronze Waltz
Posted by terence2
11/1/2008  12:48:00 AM
I was not infering that F/T was included at Novice level.. but to say its not included in Bronze, period, is patently not true. There have been many 3 dance comps that have included it instead of tango at a Bronze level .

I doubt you are old enough ( maybe ?)
but Tango was considered a silver level dance and the Novice Div, was 3 dances at some stage .

My other point was towards DR spin, that its inclusion in that level is commonplace, but again, not necessarily at a One dance level and of course, at the discression of the coach. I personally have introduced it early on in the basic sequences where appropriate .

And, to whomever stated that the DR spin had been placed in Silver level .. by which Soc. ?.. you said Major... I belong 2 of them and its not been changed in them ( unless I wasnt notified )
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