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Re: Bronze Waltz
Posted by terence2
11/1/2008  4:25:00 AM
To which i am a member.. however, the "yardstick " for majority of comps in the States, and several other Soc. for e.g has always been the ISTD ( of late, there are newcomers which may differ ) and in rev. techn. it is included in what is essentially a "Bronze " syllabus in its step list, under the psuedonym of Assoc.
The dividing line for " novice " is clearly defined to my mind, by the wording " Student teacher " .

If we are to define the 2nd level as Silver, it then increases the step count in Standard figures ( normally accepted as a dividing line ) and places it into a new sphere .

The DR is also suggested as a " Follow " from a basic Rev. turn at Assoc. level for e.g. making no distinction in " levels " .

You may argue about degree of difficulty, and that is not in contention ; its more about its "purpose ", and ,it is also being included in Q/ Step at the same level.

The bottom line, as in all variations, we , as teachers, should, and do, by and large, take into account the capabilties of the student before introduction of ANY new variation, and having included this figure on more occasions than I care to remember at a lower level, it makes a "pathway " for all the heel turns that are inevitably going to appear.
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