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your claim is absurd, its been this way for ages
Posted by anymouse
11/1/2008  9:49:00 AM
"USA Dance changes it competitive schedule every few years. A year or so ago, Tango was not part of the Silver syllabus and now some competitions are putting it back there."

Tango has often been part of silver for years.

"If you read further in the USA Dance rulebook, you'll see the following stipulation.

Closed or Open Championships

Gold, Silver and/or Bronze events must be offered in at least four of the following pairs of
dances. The dances in each pair may be offered either separately or combined into a two-dance
event. The dance pairs are: International Waltz and Quickstep, International Tango and
Foxtrot, International Cha-Cha and Rumba, International Samba and Jive, American Smooth
Waltz and Foxtrot, American Smooth Tango and Viennese Waltz, American Rhythm Cha-Cha
and Rumba, and American Rhythm Swing and Mambo."

Note that the "four" refers "pairs", not to four dances. In other words, this is satisfied by offering a two dance event for each of standard, latin, smooth, and rhythm for each level.

The omission of bronze foxtrot is a reflection of the expected path of progress in the sanctioning body's impression of how dancing works. Their impressions are usually not perfectly accurate (they are volunteers, not dance experts) but are not inaccurate in this case. I would guess it will continue to be left out of their national championship - and that you'll continue to see a lot of faked heel turns and too-early weight changes in the silver version.
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