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Re: Help on hardwood Dance Floor
Posted by Polished
11/1/2008  2:22:00 PM
The floor that is danced on at Blackpool is through the year a convention centre and used for many other different attractions besides dancing. If you are into Darts you would know that some of the big competions are held there. The whole floor is decked out with tables and chairs . It must get scratched with the none dancing type shoes that get trodden on it.I can`t imagine that, that floor when it was first laid was wax on bare timber.
The question is . When the floor was bare boards what was the first thing that was painted over those bare boards. As I said before if you are laying a floor at home first get some expert advice from people who know.
In other places , like an Ice Rink. The Ice Palace in St Petersburg for one. They use a portable floor over the ice there. Next day its an Ice Rink again.
This did happen here. There was a small dance floor in a place where Wedding receptions were held. The floor began to look a bit worn. So it was properly prepared. cleaned and hand rubbed down and re- varnished. What they didn`t know was that when new a two pack varnish had been used. Nothing will stick to it , not even itself . The very first time the floor was used it looked as if it was covered with snow. It had to be sanded back to the bare boards and this time no two pack material was used.
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