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Re: your claim is absurd, its been this way for ag
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/2/2008  8:31:00 AM
The point of the quoted stipulation is that there is no official prohibition of the inclusion of the Fox Trot at the Bronze proficiency level.

The omission of bronze foxtrot is a reflection of the expected path of progress in the sanctioning body's impression of how dancing works. Their impressions are usually not perfectly accurate (they are volunteers, not dance experts) but are not inaccurate in this case. I would guess it will continue to be left out of their national championship - and that you'll continue to see a lot of faked heel turns and too-early weight changes in the silver version.

My goodness. Aren't we wearing our snobbery on our sleeves these days. Your contemptuous attitude toward dancers who may have less experience or less money to spend than you explains your behavior on this board perfectly.

Tango has been part of Silver and NOT part of Silver over the years. The schedules change.

Poorly executed moves can be seen at all levels of amateur and many levels of professional competition.

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