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Re: your claim is absurd, its been this way for ag
Posted by anymouse
11/2/2008  8:32:00 AM
"My goodness. Aren't we wearing our snobbery on our sleeves these days. Your contemptuous attitude toward dancers who may have less experience or less money to spend than you explains your behavior on this poard perfectly."

It's a lot simpler than that. A dance student fundamentally needs to develop some physical skills and strengths not present in the non-ballroom population (ex-ballet people included) before it will be possible to attempt to execute the actions of international foxtrot in a way that will flow naturally.

How do I know this? From watching, teaching - and most importantly, from trying to do it too early in my own development. Until you can sustain a gliding movement of your weight and roll your feet properly, no action in the foxtrot is going to be anything other than fake.

For this reason, most thought-out dance programs delay the introduction of the foxtrot until after a healthy amount of work developing the concepts and foot and ankle strengths of the swing dances has been done in the context of waltz, quickstep, and perhaps the rhythm foxtrot or its American cousin. It's useful to be able to give these students some real-world competition experience in the dances they are practicing on a day to day basis, hence the bronze competition division - usually offered without a foxtrot to complicate things. About the time students are ready to start working on foxtrot in lessons, they are making the bronze finals if not winning, and their first competitions ventures in foxtrot will naturally coincide with their transition to the silver division.

"Tango has been part of Silver and NOT part of Silver over the years. The schedules change."

Offerings of individual competitions may change frequently. Recommendations in sanctioning body rulebooks much less often. I think if you dig up an old rulebook, you will see that tango has a long history of recommendation at the silver level.
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