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I understand perfectly.
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/2/2008  8:46:00 AM
How do I know this? From watching, teaching - and most importantly, from trying to do it too early in my own development. Until you can sustain a gliding movement of your weight and roll your feet properly, no action in the foxtrot is going to be anything other than fake.

You are correct. It is simple. As a beginner, you had difficulty with bronze Standard Fox Trot so it MUST be too difficult for every new dancer and they shouldn't even be allowed to learn it.

What better way could there be to develop those gliding movements than to practice figures which involve them? Unless, of course, you lack the stamina to spend enough time doing so.

Recommendations in sanctioning body rulebooks much less often. I think if you dig up an old rulebook, you will see that tango has a long history of recommendation at the silver level.

Again, you're trying to put words in my mouth. I never claimed that Tango has NEVER been part of USABDA's Silver Standard schedule. My point is that the offerings change and will continue to change.

If you dig into old rulebooks, you'll also find that Fox Trot has been part of the Bronze Standard schedule in the past and will be so again.


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