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Re: I understand perfectly.
Posted by jofjonesboro
11/2/2008  9:35:00 AM
You actually can't build them this way, because without the underlying strength you will end up doing the wrong action. Only by building the foundation skills doing simpler actions (waltz, quickstep, etc) can you get to the point of physical readiness to do the foxtrot in a way that reinforces good habits rather than bad ones.

OK, the rule for taking any profound action is "take seven deep breaths"and not "take seven hits from the bong."

Your statement is so ludricous on its face that I wonder about your sanity.

And how do you build those foundtion skills? Through other exercises? Guess what - you can do those other exercises incorrectly as well.

The reason for taking instruction is to learn to execute the actions properly. Practice follows instruction.

You've been accusing me of having a limited vision based on poor quality instruction. The statement quoted above clearly demonstrates that you do not understand how to use instruction.

The rulebook does not make such a recommendation. It lists which dances must be included.

With some research I will answer your questions.


Added: That was easy: 1999 (1999 USABDA National Results). You can page down to or just search for "Heat 52": "Adult A Bronze International Standard (W/F/Q)."
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