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Re: I understand perfectly.
Posted by anymouse
11/2/2008  9:45:00 AM
"And how do you build those foundtion skills? Through other exercises? Guess what - you can do those other exercises incorrectly as well."

Yes, you absolutely can do them incorrectly as well. However, when you have foot rise without outside partner in the rise condition as in waltz or quickstep, you have a much better chance of getting the elements right in isolation.

Similarly, when you have drawn out slows in rhythm foxtrot without foot rise, you have a much better chance of getting the rolling through the feet correctly.

Finally, quickstep presents the first opportunity to learn about continuity of weight movement in a situation where you can let the movements run-out safely, something that won't be possible in foxtrot until the underlying technique of the more challenging positions is sound enough to accomodate that much carry-over of movement.

What waltz and quickstep let you do is build the skills one at a time, where you have a fighting chance or practicing them right. Foxtrot makes you deal with it all on the same step, with the results that the student invariable adopts a "fake" version out of pragmatic necessity.
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